GUTMA’s Core Values

GUTMA aims to foster the safe, secure, and efficient integration of drones in global airspace systems through a supporting mission that accelerates transparent implementation of interoperable UTM systems. The aims and mission are underpinned by these 9 core values:

  1. Harmonisation – creating an understanding environment that avoids duplication and waste
  2. Diversity – realising and celebrating differences to come together in strength
  3. Courage – we are not afraid to challenge the status quo
  4. Collaboration – through working in harmony we foster global consistency 
  5. Innovation – innovative solutions create valuable business opportunities for a better world 
  6. Dream big – imagine the impossible and make it happen  
  7. Relationships – the best investment when it comes to making today better than yesterday
  8. Curiosity – keeps us hungry and out of our comfort zones 
  9. Transparency – an open, honest, and simple approach creates trust and builds reputation


  • Empower a harmonized global digital UTM ecosystem• Enable more than ATM
  • Trusted source for UTM data and ideas (Knowledge Repository)


  • Build credibility as influencer
  • Support, but not make, regulations and standards (based on actual needs and clear assumptions)
  • Stay core to UTM (create architectures and future designs)
  • Define key ecosystem stakeholders
  • Expand reach – via memberships and partnerships – to embrace all stakeholders
  • Define and provide GUTMA positions
  • Ensure strong Working Group governance (publish KPIs to measure success and impact)
  • Implement quality assurance process for published GUTMA materials (validity)
  • Be professional and focused