Harmonized Skies Series Insights

 GUTMA’s Harmonized Skies webinar series consists of six webinars that took place in the period May – June 2021. The webinars focus on harmonizing unmanned traffic management (UTM) systems for the global drone services market. After all, these are truly global technologies.

The six broad topics include the regulatory convergence between the EU and the US, the future of Urban Air Mobility, or the ways to introduce competition in the UTM/U-Space market.

 Our team has developed insightful summaries for each webinar, capitalizing on the great input of our guest speakers. What are the hurdles for UTM service providers? What are the developments regarding safety performances and Beyond Visual Line of Sight operations (BVLOS)? Please feel free to access these reports below:

  1. The Bigger Picture
  2. What Services in an Urban Air Mobility Context?
  3. What Hurdles for UTM Service Providers?
  4. Fairness in UTM and Competition in the UTM/U-Space Market
  5. What Performance Level for the UTM System
  6. How to Enable Long Distance Operations?

 More information on the webinar series here.