Please find below the list of presentations and other related documents of the Global UTM Conference from our speakers. These are the materials our speakers have provided so far for distribution among the participants.

We will upload more files later as we receive them.

Talks: International Overview

Hiroyuki Ushijima (METI) – UTM Project in Japan

Hette Hoekema (EASA) – U-Space & EASA NPA 2017-05

Joseph Rios (NASA) – NASA’s collection of public documents related to UTM

What are a UTM system’s main building blocks?

Andres van Swalm (Unifly) and Kai Lothar John (GLVI Gesellschaft für Luftverkehrsinformatik mbH)

Overall UTM Architecture, V1, publication of GUTMA

How to build interoperable UTM systems?

Niel Kidd (Altitude Angel) – How to build interoperable UTM systems?

Roadmap: Next Steps

Diana Cooper (PrecisionHawk) – UTM Roadmap and Next Steps, Global UTM

Chris Kucera (AGI) – How can UTM take off by 2019?

Frank Matus (Thales) – Thales UTM Overview, GUTMA Briefing