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Working Groups

Overall Architecture Working Group

The mission of the Overall Architecture working group is to define a high-level architecture that is globally accepted by the industry and promoted to national aviation authorities as the basis of a standard UTM architecture.

The working group first publication is scheduled for March 2017.  It will describe a high-level UTM architecture for Very-Low Level (VLL) operations, considering all types of UAS operations (VLOS, EVLOS and BVLOS) and the needs of both RPAS and autonomous unmanned aircraft.


  • Chair: Andres Van Swalm, Unifly
  • Vice-Chair: Stéphane Michaud, Viasat

Data Exchange Working Group

The Data Exchange working group is the association’s implementation body. It uses the UTM architecture as well as requests from authorities to prioritize work on data exchange protocols. The first protocol being developed is a Flight Declaration Protocol.

Technical Steering Committee:

  • John Gasper, Skyward
  • Neil Kidd, Altitude Angel
  • Daniel Rubio, Airmap
  • Koen Williame, Unifly

Registration/Identification Working Group

The registration/identification working group lists and describes requirements from authorities as well as relevant technical solutions on those two UTM building blocks. It aims at identifying any local and international interoperability needs.  It also looks into how core concepts such as registry, registrar, registrants, or unique IDs fit within the UTM architecture. The group operates in close collaboration with other similar initiatives at FAA, EUROCAE, CTA, etc.


  • Chair: Andreas Lamprecht, Airmap
  • Vice-Chair: Ingo Seebach, Dedrone