Please find below the list of presentations and other related documents of CONNECTED SKIES BARCELONA from our speakers. These are the materials our speakers have provided so far for distribution among the participants.

DAY 1 (examples from CS 2019)

Security and identity in digital aviation

  1. Saulo da Silva, ICAO
  2. Rob Segers, FAA
  3. Dan Diessner, Boeing
  4. Adrian V. Solomon, Thales
  5. Mike Glasgow, Wing @X
  6. Christian Struwe, DJI

Interoperable drone registry – DEMO

Global aviation’s perspective on connectivity

  1. Steve Bradford, FAA
  2. Daisuke Kubo, JAXA
  3. Lorenzo Murzilli, FOCA

Keynote by Parimal Kopardekar, NASA

Connectivity Fundamentals

  1. Graham Trickey, GSMA
  2. Feng Xue, Intel Labs
  3. Amit Ganjoo, ANRA Technologies
  4. Stefano Faccin, Qualcomm

Aviation Fundamentals

  1. Tracy Lamb, AUVSI
  2. Tim Arel, FAA
  3. Marc Kegelaers, Unifly

Where are technical standards heading?

  1. Phil Kenul, ASTM
  2. Masahide Okamoto, ISO
  3. Kamesh Namuduri, IEEE
  4. Stephen Hayes, 3GPP, Ericsson
  5. Paul McDufee, RTCA