The Evolving Aviation Ecosystem

Auditorium June 19, 2019 13:00 - 13:30

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Jennifer Richter
Vanessa Kuroda

How Can We Marry Traditional Aviation Spectrum and Technologies with Commercial Networks, Spectrum and Technologies?

How is Airbus, and its many divisions, responding to the evolving aviation ecosystem?   Do traditional aviation units inform the work of A^3?   If aviation licensed solutions and commercial licensed solutions are both leveraged for UAS, UAM and UTM,  will there be an impact on the safety and security of the skies?  Is spectrum licensed for aviation inherently more “safe” than other licensed spectrum?  What kind of aircraft functions should be handled on aviation spectrum versus other licensed spectrum?  What do you think of the initial work we are seeing from the FAA on their Section 374 report to Congress about suitable spectrum solutions for UAS?   If aircraft may start using licensed commercial bands, should wireless carriers have access to aviation spectrum?  Under what circumstances?  Do you have insights into the views of international regulators with respect to leveraging commercial licensed solutions for certain aviation functions?