GSMA pop-up: Mobile enabled BVLOS operations

Pioneer Theater June 19, 2019 09:30 - 10:30

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Barbara Pareglio
Graham Trickey
Ralph Schepp
Peter Jones
Eric Boerendonk
Gints Jakovels
Tetsuya Chiba
Eric Ringer

Are you interested in learning more about the growing capabilities of mobile networks and the benefits these provide to the drone industry? Join this session to hear opinions from a wide range of industry experts on how mobile communication can help improve the connected skies of the future.

The use of mobile connectivity to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of UA, by:

  • enabling BVLOS operation,
  • supporting real-time data transmissions from on-board cameras and sensors
  • registration and identification, flight planning and approval, the transmission of meteorological information, geo-fencing, geo-caging and tracking
  • coordinating Unmanned Traffic