Panel 3 – Access to airspace for everybody: standardize, automate, scale… and shrink costs

ICAO Headquarters December 4, 2023 1:55 pm - 2:55 pm

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Amit Ganjoo
Hrishikesh Ballal
Amanda Boekholt
Anuja Mahashabde
Courtney Meares-Whitty
Thomas Neubauer
Jia Xu

What information actually needs to be exchanged? How would USSPs exchange information? What are the consequences of standardization in terms of cost reduction?

Traditional aviation knows digitalization to support the human in the center of the system – pilots and ATCOs – and improve productivity. In the new aviation, digitalization aims at automating tasks to create new procedures and new ways of keeping operations safe – including traffic deconfliction.

Discover how standards can facilitate automation and scalability within the UTM and drone services industry.