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The Global UTM Association (GUTMA) is a non-profit consortium of worldwide Unmanned Aircraft Systems Traffic Management (UTM) stakeholders. Its purpose is to foster the safe, secure and efficient integration of drones in national airspace systems. Its mission is to support and accelerate the transparent implementation of globally interoperable UTM systems. GUTMA members collaborate remotely.

GUTMA Asia-Pacific Conference

The association is organizing its first regional UTM conference, the GUTMA APAC Conference on 22-23 March 2018, as part of Japan Drone Expo in Chiba (JP). The two-day event will deliver a professional overview of the status and outlook of UTM in the Asia-Pacific area. Attending the conference is free of charge but participation is by invitation only.

UTM Architecture

The high-level UTM Architecture document describes UTM as a distributed, collaborative and evolutionary system composed of many subsystems. It provides an overview of its different stakeholders, their interests, and the required infrastructures as as well as illustrations of UTM as a “system of systems”.

Our Members

GUTMA members are distributed across 16 countries and  7 activities: Air navigation service providers,  Infrastructure and data providers, UAS manufacturers, UAS operators, UTM service providers, as well as regulatory bodies and research institutes.

Latest Posts

New publication: Flight Logging Protocol

After an extensive review period, GUTMA's Flight Logging Protocol is ready for publication. ​ The protocol's purpose is to harmonize flight telemetry data logs (such as GPS location, speed, and if available: battery voltage, drone identifier, battery identifier,...

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