Safe, secure and efficient integration of UAS

Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) is a set of services designed to ensure the safe, secure, fair and efficient integration of manned and unmanned aircraft in the airspace by means of collaboration between all involved parties. Through the use of UTM services, operators can obtain information about airspace, rules and other aircraft to name a few.

Given the fact that a diverse set of UAS stakeholders are looking towards UTM as
the means to safely scale operations, we should be mindful to develop a global infrastructure and regulatory paradigm that is able to harmonize with existing Air Traffic Management technologies and safely support the growing needs of emerging aviation stakeholders at the desired pace.

This paper outlines GUTMA’s consolidated position on the emerging needs of new aviation forms and associated UTM stakeholders, as well as outlines the necessary changes required to accommodate them. Furthermore, the paper highlights the developing technology standards and best practices which are crucial to the evolution and market readiness of UTM. Finally, it provides GUTMA’s recommendations to all stakeholders on the best way to foster this innovation at scale.

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