How we work

GUTMA –the Global Uncrewed Traffic Management Association- represents organizations involved in innovative drone services and smart mobility solutions. It engages in impactful research and development and in technical, regulatory, and political processes to foster a global ecosystem in a fair global drone services market.


GUTMA expects a massive drone ecosystem to emerge that will only thrive if drones can fly automatically over longer distances. And it is important to appreciate that UTM is a critical enabler for the safe and efficient operation of these drones at scale.

  • GUTMA identifies the processes that contribute to its objectives and will cooperate in impactful research and development.
  • GUTMA supports a federated system for UTM services and fair UTM and drone services markets.

GUTMA Task Forces

Our Members Pave the Way

The Task Forces are fully Member-driven, with the support of the GUTMA Secretariat. Collaboration and knowledge-sharing among our Members will pave the way for important advancements in the UTM domain, ultimately benefiting the entire aviation industry.


Active Task Forces since 2023

Since 2023, the following list of GUTMA Task Forces have been created. Click on the links to read more and access the related deliverables.



Aerial Connectivity Joint Activity


ACJA, which stands for Aerial Connectivity Joint Activity, is a collaboration initiative between GUTMA and the GSMA.   ACJA focuses on promoting interchange and understanding between the aviation and cellular communities, the purpose being to enhance information sharing and avoid incompatibilities between those groups.

There is great interest from both the aviation and cellular communities in aerial cellular. However, till now the two communities have mostly investigated the topic independently, leading to a misalignment of understanding, expectations, priorities, and standards.

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