Here are the organizations that joined us this month.

A warm welcome to:

SpainENAIRE is the State-owned, main ANSP in Spain, and ranks fourth in Europe in terms of annual volume of air traffic served. ENAIRE operates a very complex ATM system, and now intends to expand its portfolio of services to include U-Space, the European version of UTM. Towards this goal a basic, initial prototype tool is now being developed, covering some of future U-Space set of services. ENAIRE is also studying several other options to acquire or develop its future UTM
UAEExponent TS has developed and deployed one of the first examples of a UAS/UAV/RPAS live tracking and monitoring portal for the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA). The system employs a hardware (SkyCommander) and software (SkyTrax)
USAAiRXos - A GE Company. GE will be a provider of UTM globally for industrial customers. GE is a high-tech industrial leader, with strong global franchises that use its enterprise strength in technology, brand, globalization and
South KoreaKT, the leading the development of the information and communications industries of Korea since its foundation in 1981. They are currently designing and developing UTM system in
UKRelmaTech is a UK based company specialising in the development and operation of integrated technology-based solutions that provide for the safe and secure spatial management of autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicle operations in any environment. RelmaTech has been operating it's Secure Integrated Airspace Management (SIAM) system since mid 2016, providing UTM services for active drone operations conducted day/night, BVLOS, in non-segregated airspace, and in airspace controlled by both civil and military