Here are the organizations that joined us this month.

A warm welcome to:

New Zealand​Airways is New Zealand's leading air navigation service provider. Their smart solutions ensure safety and efficiency in the skies. Airways is exploring the potential that UTM could provide for managing and enabling UAV operations within the New Zealand airspace. This includes the a current regional trial of a UTM system in conjunction with
USAWithin X, Project Wing has developed UAS and designed a UTM platform that allows multiple operators and UAS fleets to safely share the skies together. Given the interconnectedness of airspace and the potential for UAS to fly across country lines, we view our mission as a global one. Project Wing’s UTM system is used internally now, but we intend to make it publicly available to all UAS operators.​
USAuAvionix is active worldwide in UAS integration and UTM activities and systems. Primarily an ADS-B transceiver manufacturer in 2016, but branching to non-ADS-B remote identification. Also low altitude cooperative surveillance and weather networks.​​