Map of UTM Implementations

In preparation for ICAO’s second Drone Enable Symposium, we unveiled our interactive and collaborative map of international UTM implementations. The map features a wide array of initiatives across the world. While some of them are still at the regulatory stage, others are only months away from national deployment. They all enjoy strong political support and have moved beyond the research and development stage. In addition, the site aims to offer a solid overview of industrial UTM stakeholders globally. You can request an account to edit pages and actively contribute on this page. Alternatively, feel free to send your comments to

Airbus UTM Blueprint

Airbus’ Altiscope has recently published its UTM blueprint “The roadmap for the safe integration of autonomous aircraft”. In it, Airbus outlines its vision for a future global UTM system, breaking down the market into requirements and providing concepts for airspace, systems, regulation, and stakeholders that can handle an increased traffic volume. The publication has been reviewed by experts from across the industry, including organizations like GUTMA, IATA, IFATCA, the WEF, and MIT, along with GUTMA members like AirMap, Unifly, Skyguide, and JUTM.

Download the Blueprint