Here are the organizations that joined us lately.

A warm welcome to:

BelgiumDrone Alliance Europe (DAE) is a coalition of leading technology companies representing the commercial drone industry before European political leaders, regulators, and other industry stakeholders, as well as international regulatory and advisory
CanadaIN-FLIGHT Data flies UAV BVLOS using multiple UTM systems, such as Airmap, ADS-B and AirNav Pro. They just completed the first BVLOS flight in a major North American City, which was 1.4 mi from Class C airspace, and used their UTM to manage their flights and airspace communications with aircraft and NAV CANADA. They also just completed 2,600 km / 1,600 mi of BVLOS flights in Canada, using the same
SwedenLFV is a state-owned enterprise with the assignment to provide safe, efficient and environmental friendly air traffic
USANetwork Designs Inc. [NDi] deals with: Global National and ICAO Regulations; Cloud based Application for all aviation regulation content and text search; Partners with Relmatech Ltd UK; Collaborating within the UTM architecture space; Determining the USS echo-system as a Data Service provider; Member of AUVSI; Working with
SpainTopDron is currently consultant of the Santander City Council for the Spanish SESAR program and for the implementation of UTM systems in the city and U-Space projects aimed at the integration of drones in the low-rise urban
IrelandU-Flyte is engaged in testing & Development of specific BLOS end-use case scenarios e.g. Powerline ROW, Offshore Logistics. R&D of innovative U-Space & UTM solutions for rural, maritime and urban environments. Development of various data-gathering, logistics and specialist applications services – within the context of BLOS