Here are the organizations that joined us from January 2019.

A warm welcome to:

SpainLikeAbird develops industrial-grade remote control stations for VLOS/EVLOS and BVLOS/BRLOS unmanned systems applications. For the BVLOS/BRLOS they develop the very first "Mobile Network Secure Data Link - MNSDL" for unmanned systems (Air/Land/Sea). This is a hardware/data-center solution and is compatible to almost all unmanned systems and UTM & Cloud based software houses. They don't offer UTM or Cloud based software solutions, but offer their solutions to
USAIntel has participated in NASA TCL trials, NASA RTT working groups, FAA UAS IPP programs, ASTM F.38, and several other UTM standards and trial efforts
VenezuelaUpdrone is in the process of designing a UTM system for the control of air traffic of drones in

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