GUTMA Connected Skies – Barcelona aims to cross-pollinate the two industries and drive a harmonious integration of manned and unmanned aviation in the skies. 

Following the success of the first edition of GUTMA’s Connected Skies conference in Portland (OR) in 2019, GUTMA is hosting a follow-on event as part of MWC Barcelona 2020 on the 26th February, where decisionmakers and influencers from both the mobile telecommunication and unmanned aviation industries will meet to strengthen the bridge between telcos and aviators. 

The main event sponsors include Skyward (A Verizon Company), Airxos (Part of GE Aviation), Boeing, Teoco, Latvian Mobile Telecom (LMT), OneSky, Wing, Anra Technologies and Airmap, who are all contributing to the event’s goal to connect the mobile telecommunication and unmanned aviation communities.

With 150 visionaries and stakeholders expected to attend from both sectors, event participants can look forward to topics ranging from “Where are MNOs Investing in Drones Today?”, to “Advanced Use of Connectivity for Drone Operations”, through to “Drone Services at the Edge” of the cellular network. The stage has been set by GUTMA to foster learning opportunities, candid discussions, and enable collaboration between all attendees at Connect Skies.

The day will be dedicated to explaining key trends and concepts of NextGen telecommunication and unmanned aviation. Participants will hear from representatives of industry leading organisations including the Swiss Civil Aviation Authority (FOCA), the largest drone delivery operator – Zipline, the CTO of Australian Mobile Network Operator Telstra, GUTMA-GSMA’s joint aerial connectivity working group, and many more. Yves Rossy – The First Jetman – will give the closing keynote; Can We Fly? 

At the end of the event, participants in both sectors will be armed with answers to the following question: “How can the mobile telecommunication industry contribute to the safe, secure, and efficient integration of new unmanned aircraft and operators into the airspace?”

“This is the perfect place to bridge the conversation of two different regulated systems.”
Barbara Pareglio, GSMA IoT Programme

“Attend GUTMA Connected Skies if you want to know which drone uses cases will become sustainable and lead to scalable businesses.”
Simon Johnson, GUTMA

“GUTMA Connected Skies will be a unique educational and outreach event to avoid becoming fragmented.”
Amit Ganjoo, ANRA Technologies

“GUTMA’s forum will increase our technological awareness and readiness for new drone services.”
Gints Jakovels, LMT

The GUTMA Connect Skies conference will take place at MWC Barcelona on Wednesday 26th February 2020 from 09:00 to 19:00.

The event is supported by the GSMA IoT Programme

For more information and to purchase event tickets, please visit the event website.


The Global UTM Association (GUTMA) is a non-profit consortium of worldwide Unmanned Aircraft Systems Traffic Management (UTM) stakeholders. Its purpose is to foster the safe, secure and efficient integration of drones in national airspace systems. Its mission is to support and accelerate the transparent implementation of globally interoperable UTM systems. GUTMA represents over 70 organisations present in more than 25 countries worldwide.

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