Pawel Trómiński, GUTMA’s Technical Project Manager

Pawel leads ACJA which is the Aerial Connectivity Joint Activity. Through GUTMA and the GSMA, ACJA aims to brings together two very interesting industries, aviation and communications. The shared purpose of ACJA is to create a better future through collaboration.

The platform provided by ACJA allows for knowledge sharing and the development of standards which generate valuable inputs for Standard Development Organizations(SDOs). 

To help capture the essence of ACJA Pawel quoted Mark Davis who said: “We do NOT have a ‘chicken and egg’ situation where cellular networks are only useful in aviation with expensive optimizations, and such optimizations are only worthwhile after the market exists.”
For Pawel, this quote explains why collaboration, communication and knowledge share is so important for aviation and communications industries.

Paweł joined GUTMA in September 2019 to manage the working groups, UTM implementations and reporting, he also supports on overall operations management. Pawel is a project manager and business analyst. Prior to joining GUTMA he worked as a project manager for Roche, one of the world’s Top 50 pharmaceutical companies, and has many years of experience in managing scientific and commercial projects for the aviation industry in GNSS for PANSA. He is also interested in CNS, GA and 5G integration.                                                          

ACJA has more than 130 members from across 60 companies that are involved in four working tasks, these are:

1. 3GPP Coordination with Aviation Stakeholders

2. Supplemental Data Service Provider (SDSP) to Mobile Network Operators (MNOs)

3. Standard Aerial Service Profile

4. Translating Cellular to Aviation Standards: Minimum Operational Performance Standards (MOPS)

Pawel said: “The ongoing work within these tasks would not be possible without the fantastic members and leaders.”

ACJA creates an umbrella approach to connect various projects and tasks, but the people are key. We are extremely fortunate to have leadership from Stefano Faccini of Qualcomm, Thomas Neubauer of TEOCO, Gerry Libuano from Verizon and finally, Jim Williams of Drone Delivery Canada and Boris Resnick of GLONASS UNION. Greg Belaus from UBER was also recently elected as ACJA’s technical lead by the GUTMA board. 

Pawel said: “Every team, leader and their members are volunteers committed to the success of ACJA’s 4 main projects. The knowledge, passion and experience shared between ACJA members is truly inspiring.

Throughout 2020 ACJA has made great progress. Those involved in the tasks have worked tirelessly to develop valuable inputs for aviation and communication industry regulators. Pawel said: “We are following and developing standards using fixed ’Terms of Reference’ (TOR) which provide simple and clear foundations with regards to the mission, goals, deliverables and timings for delivery for each task.” Having strong foundations in place for ACJA members through the TOR are the bedrock for success. 

In the future the work of ACJA will build in strength and pace with some extremely interesting tasks planned, as well as those that will surface along the way in this developing world.A huge thank you to Pawel for taking the time to tell us more about ACJA, the projects, tasks, and TORS. For more information on ACJA and to get involved please visit: or contact us at: