Adhering to established standards ensures consistency, reliability, and interoperability, laying the foundation for innovation, collaboration, and the seamless functioning of systems and processes. This is the case when standards are correctly drafted and assessed against all the details of the regulatory requirements.

As Global UTM Association, we would like to endorse and promote the work of ASTM International as a global standards development organisation.

The newly created GUTMA ASTM Task Force has reviewed ASTM’s mapping of F3411-22a and F3548-21 standards and the relevant requirements in the U-space Regulation, and the associated Acceptable Means of Compliance and Guidance Material.   

In 2 months, Wing and ANRA Technologies, co-leaders of the Task Force, collected the contributions of approximately 20 members representing Airwayz, ANGOKA, Heron AirBridge, HHLA, High Lander, NEC Corporation, Technology Innovation Institute and TruWeather Solutions

The Task Force concluded the review by endorsing ASTM mapping and related deliverables with minor considerations that could be found in the accompanying summary document and spreadsheet.

The same exercise was successfully completed last year by one of the GUTMA Working Groups. ASTM’s aerospace material standards are instrumental, and GUTMA is excited to continue working with ASTM on future standards and AMC/GM mapping.

GUTMA is committed to continuing to provide relevant information regarding international regulations and policy initiatives. The GUTMA Task Force initiative allows members to leverage their collective expertise to address specific time-limited issues. Stay tuned to keep yourself updated and make the most out of our Association’s work by becoming a member!