Bob Hammett, CEO of OneSky

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This month we spoke to Bob Hammett, CEO of OneSky. Thanks Bob for taking the time to share some interesting insights into OneSky.

OneSky’s mission is to harmonize the sky to ensure safe, efficient and scalable access to all airspace users through UTM technology. They work with organisations across the entire ecosystem, including airspace authorities such as the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS), as well as manufacturers and operators, to build airspace assessment, operations and management solutions to enable advanced air mobility operations, including BVLOS.

For Bob, solving big industry challenges motivates him, he said:

“The technology we and our industry partners are building is a true enabler for the future of flight. It’s exciting that what we’re building today is the foundation of the new era of aviation and traffic management – for today, tomorrow and 50 years from now. This technology will eventually help accelerate the safe operation of new airspace entrants at all altitudes. 

OneSky’s contribution to the UTM ecosystem is wide-ranging. They participate in various national programs, such as NASA’s UTM program and the FAA’s Remote ID Cohort, as well as international efforts, for example, with the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) and the Swiss U-Space Program SUSI.

While OneSky has several ongoing projects, one of the more advanced pilot programs the team is leading, is taking place in Singapore. In consortium with Nova Systems, OneSky is working with CAAS and the Ministry of Transport to develop advanced UTM capabilities to enable BVLOS drone package delivery in urban environments. 

They are configuring and implementing their UTM system for Singapore and engaging in flight trials to demonstrate the safe implementation of wide-scale BVLOS, multi-UAS and multi-site drone delivery. Bob says:

“The team is doing great work in Singapore. It’s exciting to be at the forefront of this UTM adoption and it’s rewarding to know that the region is looking at this program with the intention of operationalizing and expanding upon this work.”

On a personal level, Bob has always been passionate about being involved in new technologies and emerging markets. In his last role, he saw the opportunity to leverage AGI’s proven aerospace technology more broadly in support of air operations. Bob led the development of innovative new test and evaluation technology that is now broadly adopted by the US Navy and Air Force as well as the deployment of enterprise Air Operations Centers to customers including USAF Air Mobility Command. 

His team quickly realized this same technology could also benefit the new, emerging UAV & UAM domains. This alignment of a proven team and proven technology applied to an adjacent emerging market was the key driver behind the creation of OneSky and is what influenced Bob’s decision to take the role of CEO.

In terms of industry challenges, Bob thinks that Detect and Avoid (DAA) is the next big hurdle for BVLOS UAS operations and that simulation will play a major role in accelerating the advancement of the AAM industry, he says:

“Testing and certifying eVTOLs will be challenging and  expensive  – leveraging proven, systems of systems analysis and simulation capability will help to accelerate the design, test, certification and eventual adoption of UAM.”

OneSky recognizes it will take an ecosystem of partners to deliver on the promise of UAM and is keen to build collaborative partnerships with technology developers, data providers, manufacturers and operators to enable the UTM vision. 

“Whether you’re a UAM platform manufacturer, drone operator, infrastructure provider, or ANSP looking to start your UTM journey – we understand your complex airspace challenges and want to work with you,” said Bob.

Find out more about Bob Hammett and OneSky through LinkedIn, or visit OneSky’s website.

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