We talked to Matt Beatty, DroneUP Director of Business Development for airspace solutions, about his vision on the industry challenges and DroneUp involvement in GUTMA  

One of the most significant challenges we’re facing together is the pace of an industry that is completely revolutionizing the capture of data and the transportation of goods and people.’ 

What is DroneUP and what is its role and involvement within GUTMA? 

Drone Up is a logistics and transportation technology company that provides automated drone delivery and drone services. 

Through the acquisition of the AirMap platform and services in November 2021, we’ve expanded our services to deliver airspace awareness and planning tools for drone operators and airspace management and U-Space services for authorities. DroneUp saw the strategic importance of enabling the ecosystem of operators and authorities through UTM/U-Space services and jumped at the opportunity to provide these services. Our ongoing investment and development of these services continually enrich the value that operators and authorities experience within our airspace solutions. Our mission is to drive economic benefits through safe, efficient, responsible, collaborative, and transparent UAS airspace utilization. 

This is why DroneUp is fundamentally aligned with the mission of GUTMA in the collaborative approach to set the bar for high-value delivery, transportation, and services. DroneUp is thrilled to join GUTMA and have the opportunity to share amongst the existing GUTMA members in bringing industry perspectives and expertise to help inform and collaborate with countries and communities seeking to unlock the advantages of the drone economy. 

According to you, what are the biggest industry challenges at the moment? 

One of the most significant challenges we’re facing together is the pace of an industry that is completely revolutionizing the capture of data and the transportation of goods and people. This pace of new capabilities, introduced by fast-moving technological breakthroughs, flies in the face of traditional aviation institutional thought and paradigms. These traditions have been rightfully steeped deliberately, methodically, and procedurally, considering the risk of life inherent to those operations. But drone operations take a different approach to mitigating risks that are often unavoidable in crewed aviation. This allows these technologies to create the sociological, economic, and environmental benefits they promise.  

A word about the need to be working along the full ecosystem/value-chain? 

By joining GUTMA, DroneUp is committed to the cooperative approach within the value stream of the UAS ecosystem and partnering with other organizations that, in more traditional industries, would be considered direct competitors. DroneUp is dedicated to advancing the industry. Much more is accomplished when talented people from the various organizations within the industry can come together and align to help advocate for outcomes that benefit both society and the industry. With the proper industry foundation, a vibrant and competitive environment can be accomplished to serve our customers and communities better. 


Matt Beatty is the Director of Business Development for airspace solutions at DroneUp. He first encountered the world of UAS while serving as a US Marine officer in various operational and analyst roles, taking him to places like Japan, the Philippines, and Iraq. Since then, Matt has pursued a career in technical sales and solutions consultation in various networking technology and software services companies ranging from component-level design and manufacturing to B2B software as a service. Having joined AirMap initially to focus on defense and security solutions and programs, he has since joined the expanding DroneUp team to focus on airspace awareness and management solutions. Through this role, Matt connects our partners and communities with the value of our operations, applications, and UTM/U-Space services. 

ABOUT DroneUp  

DroneUp is recognized as a drone flight services innovation leader, transforming organizations with drone delivery and drone technology solutions. DroneUp develops SaaS platforms with patented mobile app technology available at the Apple App and Google Play Stores. With technology-driven customers, together they inspire the future of drone services, providing intelligent access to airspace, automation innovation, streamlined process management, operational efficiency, and a commitment to safety. 

Headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia, DroneUp was founded in 2016 by Tom Walker. DroneUp quickly moved from an American small business start-up to a global leader, receiving a significant investment from the #1 retailer in the world, Walmart, Inc. DroneUp, a privately held company, works with more than 22,000 drone pilots to serve its customer portfolio and is dedicated to connecting communities to drone technology globally. 

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