The UAS Integration Pilot Program in the USA and the Drone Demonstrators Network in Europe are welcome news for the drone industry. They will provide national authorities with the necessary dataset for publishing performance-based regulations. As importantly, they will include local authorities as key stakeholders. Both initiatives emphasize the need for sharing results transparently and consistently. The aim is to allow for meaningful comparisons and to avoid demonstrators would contributing to fragmentation instead of the promotion of standards.

A major priority of GUTMA is facilitating data exchange and helping to harmonise demonstrators. Please find a video collection here about UTM demos by GUTMA members around the world.

Geneva Demo

skyguide , AirMap , SITA , senseFly , along with PX4, performed a live U-Space Demo on September 14 in Geneva. The demo was based on GUTMA’s architecture and proved an excellent example of what GUTMA members are capable of achieving together. Watch the video here.

The Netherlands Demo

Unifly nv has the technology available today to help manage and control the integration of drones in your local airspace. In a joint live demonstration at Woensdrecht Air Base, Unifly and uAvionix show how to track and manage drones in real-time in a local airspace. Watch the video here.

Zürich Demo

Daimler’s Mercedes-Benz Vans teamed up with e-commerce startup siroop, and drone logistics provider Matternet Inc to kick off a pilot in Zurich of its van-based drone delivery concept. The partners demonstrated a delivery live to an audience of media on September 28, showing a coffee delivery from a small Swiss merchant using siroop’s platform. Watch the video here.

Fukushima Demo

At the end of October, JUTM organised a giant test “Fukushima 2017 Fall UTM Demonstration for realising the Society 5.0 with large use of drones”. 44 companies, institutions, and government bodies took part in the 3-day-long, intensive flight test. The demonstration covered an extremely wide spectrum of civilian drone activities in inspection, delivery, and rescue within an operating UTM system. Participating GUTMA members: ACSL, DJI  , Hitachi , JUTM, Rakuten AirMap, Inc. , Terra Drone Video summary by Hiroko Nakamura , Deputy Director General at JAPAN Unmanned System Traffic & Radio Management Consortium (JUTM). Watch the video here.

German Demo

A recent UTM demonstration by DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH and Deutsche Telekom presenting the fair and safe integration of drones in air traffic control in the context of search & rescue. Watch the video here.

More to come…