Amit GanjooFounder and CEO of ANRA Technologies Inc. 

Welcome to GUTMA “Meet Our Members” interview series, where every month we will feature a different Member. 

This month we speak to Amit Ganjoo, Founder and CEO of ANRA Technologies, Inc. Thank you Amit for taking the time to share with us your activities and industry outlook!

Introducing: Amit Ganjoo, Founder and CEO of ANRA Technologies, Inc. 

Amit has over 20 years of aviation, telecom and wireless experience working on government and commercial projects. He is an engineer, licensed pilot, and was the co-chair for the United States Federal Communication Commission’s Technical Advisory Council (TAC) on 5G and IoT. Amit’s engagement with drone programs for the U.S. Department of Defence motivated him to establish ANRA so he could address the growing need for unmanned systems to be safely integrated into existing air systems. ANRA launched their UTM platform in 2015 and has been collaborating and working alongside stakeholders and clients ever since. ANRA was selected as an Airspace Partner for NASA’s Advanced Air Mobility National Campaign (formerly known as the Urban Air Mobility Grand Challenge) and is the technology provider for the Future of Flight Initiative in the United Kingdom.

Amit recognizes that a harmonized, global UTM system benefits everyone. He said, “Adopting performance-based industry standards helps our community avoid building platforms that don’t interoperate with other UTM systems. GUTMA is great forum for collaboration on the development of an effective UTM system.”  As the co-chair for ATSM F38 committee for UTM, he is well positioned to make an enduring impact on interoperability standards.

ANRA aims to be the lead domain expert for Unmanned Airspace Management with a hyper focus on safety. They believe an effective and safe airspace management capability is critical to gaining public trust. 

ANRA’s rich history of collaboration and testing has positioned them as the leading voice of UTM technology providers. More recently, ANRA has been working on collaborative UTM research and deployments with regulators and ANSPs, including the FAA, Airport Authority of India, Swiss FOCA and the UK’s Department for Transport (DfT). And, as a business they are growing globally and are looking for driven individuals to join their team in various strategic roles.

We asked Amit if he has any particularly exciting projects underway. He told us that he is working on the airspace management system of tomorrow, which will address the challenges of a federated and interoperable ecosystem. He’s also excited about their evolving UTM platform and its ability to adapt to a growing complexity of airspace users. However, ANRA’s singular motivation is safety and they are passionate about protecting the “man” in this unmanned industry. 

When asked about key trends within the UTM industry, Amit envisions improved integration with existing ATM systems in the short term, regulatory changes in the mid-term, and UTM-ATM (air traffic management) harmony in the long term. He believes that someday we will no longer use the term UTM because unmanned systems will be a normal part of a harmonized air system, participating alongside manned aircraft in the same sky.

Find out more about Amit Ganjoo and his work on his LinkedIn profile or visit ANRA’s website

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