We are thrilled to announce the release of our “Why Automated Testing?” document, brought to you by the Standards Harmonization Working Group.

The Why Automated Testing? document offers a comprehensive exploration of the significance of automated testing, providing valuable insights into its impact on the UAS and UTM industries. Whether you are a technology provider, industry expert, or decision-maker, this document will serve as a resource for understanding the benefits and importance of automated testing.

To access the Why Automated Testing? document, please click on the button above or below. We encourage you to share this exciting news with your colleagues and peers who would benefit from this valuable resource.

What is the Standards Harmonization Working Group?

The GUTMA Standards Harmonization Working Group liaises between Standards Developing Organizations (SDOs) and promotes standard harmonization – fostering more coherent market growth worldwide.

In addition to the harmonization mission, this Working Group provides responses and recommendations for SDOs such as EUROCAE, ASTM & ISO in the UTM ecosystem matter.