We are officially kicking off our Regional Ambassador Program! The launch of GUTMA’s Regional Ambassador Program marks an exciting milestone in the association’s efforts to strengthen its global presence. The program will bolster GUTMA’s presence on a regional level by engaging with influential industry leaders worldwide.

We are excited to introduce our first regional Ambassadors:
Airservices Australia for the APAC region,  ARCGine Technology for China, Flyvercity for Israel, Heron Airbridge for Southeast Asia and SERB for the MENA region.

As regional Ambassadors, these Members and their representatives affirm their status as go-to contacts for GUTMA in their regions, offering unparalleled opportunities to participate in conferences and networking events.

The main responsibilities of GUTMA regional Ambassadors  include:

  • Represent and promote GUTMA at regional events, highlighting our association’s work and expertise.
  • Provide intel for regional events keeping us informed about what is going on in the Ambassador’s regions, enabling GUTMA to stay updated with regional developments.
  • Advise the GUTMA leadership on potential regional involvement opportunities helping us shape GUTMA’s global strategies and initiatives.

Airservices Australia, a government-owned organisation responsible for the safety of Australian skies, will provide invaluable insights and support to strengthen GUTMA’s presence in this crucial area.
ARCGine Technology, a leading player in the field of UTM in China, will serve as a key representative, facilitating collaboration and knowledge sharing in the Chinese UTM ecosystem.
Flyvercity will contribute its expertise and promote GUTMA’s mission in the dynamic and innovative Israeli UTM landscape.
Heron Airbridge, based in Singapore, will play a vital role in connecting GUTMA with regional stakeholders and fostering the growth of the UTM industry in the region.
SERB, representing the MENA region, will provide valuable insights and contribute to GUTMA’s initiatives in this important part of the world.

We firmly believe that our regional Ambassadors will play a vital role in advancing GUTMA’s mission, increasing our visibility and shaping the future of the UTM industry.
GUTMA sincerely thanks Airservices Australia, ARCGine Technology, Flyvercity, Heron Airbridge and SERB for their commitment and dedication as the association’s first regional Ambassadors.

GUTMA is looking forward to embarking on this exciting journey. Together, we can create a connected and thriving global UTM ecosystem that facilitates safe and efficient airspace integration for unmanned systems.