The Global UTM Association will take part in the 5G Techritory hybrid event to be held in Riga, Latvia, from 22 to 25 November. Co-President Sebastian Babiarz will address the audience digitally on 22 November with a speech titled “5G drones: state of the industry by GUTMA” (Techflix Stage – 14:55 – 15:10). 

5G Techritory is a platform reuniting Europe’s 5G stakeholders such as telecommunication companies, regulators and industrial users. The platform will feature both virtual and live events.

Communication underpins all dimensions of the drone industry, from the very drone flights to data transmission and traffic management. As such, it is clear that 5G and the future evolutions in mobile communication technology represent a pillar to develop the drone services market.

5G networks offer unprecedented reliability in terms of connection speed; this means faster response time upon commands from drone operators and therefore increased safety especially in Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLoS) operations or in contexts with no access to satellite navigation systems services. For these reasons, the timely and efficient deployment of 5G networks around the world is strongly encouraged by GUTMA and its members.Our association has already engaged in forging a stronger relationship with the mobile industry by joining forces with the Global System for Mobile Communications Association (GSMA). Together, we have put in place the Aerial Connectivity Joint Activity (ACJA) initiative to synchronise activities and make sure that new frameworks, standards and procedures emerging in the aviation and mobile ecosystems remain compatible.

If you are interested in our activities, do not hesitate to reach out to Secretary-General Koen De Vos or GUTMA’s Secretariat to fix an appointment.