Download the GUTMA Secure and Resilient UTM Task Force Report!

UTM is a crucial national infrastructure technology, predominantly digital, whose security has become a top priority. Ecosystem enablers must be keenly aware of the security implications of UTM services.

Under the leadership of OpenSkies Aerial Technology and the Technology Innovation Institute (TII), the GUTMA Task Force on Secure and Resilient UTM has successfully developed a threat modelling framework for UTM technology, complementing existing UTM regulations. This framework, detailed in a new report publicly accessible, draws on best practices implemented by Task Force members.

The report targets CEOs, CTOs, and senior management, guiding organizations in developing a security perspective on UTM technology. It begins with an overview of cybersecurity implications in the UTM context, enriched by use cases. It then outlines current global regulatory considerations and concludes with a threat modelling template useful for all ecosystem enablers, including manufacturers, third-party service providers, drone management providers, and UTM service providers.

We would like to thank all the Task Force members: Airwayz, ARCGine Technologies, Ericsson, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Flyvercity, High Lander, LG Electronics, OneSky, R-SYS, Unifly Aero, and Zipline. A special thanks to ANGOKA and HHLA Sky for their invaluable contributions and expertise.

GUTMA remains dedicated to providing up-to-date information on international regulations and policy initiatives. The GUTMA Task Force initiative allows members to leverage their collective expertise to address specific, time-sensitive issues. This initiative is exclusive to members; to join, please contact us at

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