Due to the increasing uncertainty regarding the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic, the organizers of the Amsterdam Drone Week have decided to postpone the event to March 29-31 2022. ADW will maintain its hybrid set-up.

GUTMA looks forward to taking centre stage and lead the many activities and panel sessions originally planned. The three-day conference will revolve around the theme “Adding value to society with Urban Air Mobility” and will feature discussions on integrated skies and digital infrastructure.

GUTMA is at the forefront of developing the vision and the concrete ideas to actually implement Urban Air Mobility. With its focus on developing a drone service ecosystem, GUTMA has been working for years, including with the GSMA, to prepare technological solutions for commercial use that are automated and scalable. The focus is now extending towards global market opportunities, where the implementation of the U-Space from January 2023 is an interesting challenge. We wanted to highlight our concrete ideas during the numerous panel sessions – we will make best use of the three months postponement to even further develop our thinking and our solutions.

While the postponing of the event may be unfortunate, it will hopefully allow the many participants, including some of our members, to reach the location safely and without the travel restrictions which are currently coming into force.

If you want to meet one of our representatives at the event and fix an appointment, you can send an e-mail to GUTMA’s Secretariat or to Secretary-General Koen De Vos.