New opportunities and scenarios open up for the UTM sector following the new Market Working Group establishment within GUTMA – the Global UTM Association. 

The Global UTM Association has created a new Market Working Group to tackle the challenges set by the global market. Open exclusively to members of the association, it aims to identify the relevant issues that can boost the development of a competitive UTM services market. It will follow regulatory trends related to the UTM services market-with the objective to develop conclusions to be presented to regulators, aviation associations, civil aviation authorities and other relevant entities through specific position papers.

Furthermore, the establishment of this new working group will deliver a white paper on UTM market design and roadmap to provide a clear picture of the status of UTM market implementation and development.

Pursuing a harmonized and competitive market 

GUTMA has been, since the beginning of its journey, at the vanguard of the fair and competitive UTM services market development.  

Nowadays, a massive drone ecosystem is expected to emerge. Drones are increasingly becoming part of companies and our daily lives, thanks to their ability to offer added value to all types of industries. Sectors such as renewable energy, healthcare, agriculture, transport and delivery, construction, or mining are just a few of the many that will be part of this new imminent ecosystem. With the growth of traffic numbers and complex drone operations, the issue of market fairness and competitiveness becomes ever more pressing. In this regard, GUTMA pursues a healthy and reliable drone ecosystem that fosters innovation. This ecosystem can only emerge by ensuring the application of clear and harmonized rules and a competitive market that carries out its activities in a fairway. 

Market and Standards Harmonization: the dual core of GUTMA’s work

GUTMA recently established another working group: the Standards Harmonization Working Group. With the creation of both working groups, GUTMA seeks to create an alignment framework in which ATM and UTM can converge. It also ensures that the members of the association are heard as one voice by policymakers and relevant entities.

GUTMA member: wish to join the Market Working Group adventure? Send through an email to to book your seat. 

About GUTMA 

GUTMA represents organizations involved in innovative drone services and smart mobility solutions enabled by services that keep drone operations at all altitudes safe and efficient. It engages in impactful research and development and in technical, regulatory and political processes to foster a global ecosystem in a fair global drone services market.