We are thrilled to announce the publication of our Position Paper on the European Commission’s Drone Strategy 2.0. The paper is the result of fruitful debates among the members of the Policy Task Force established by GUTMA at the end of 2021.

The Policy Task Force had been tasked with producing a consolidated stance of our association to present at the Drone Leaders Group, the stakeholders group advising the Directorate-General for Transport and Mobility of the European Commission. With this position paper, the task force has reached an important milestone.

The paper is titled “The future of aviation has arrived! – The next steps to build the drone service ecosystem” and is divided into four chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Develop the enabler of the drone service ecosystem -the U-space services market
  • Chapter 2: Develop the tool of the drone service ecosystem – the drone operations services market
  • Chapter 3: the drone services market: develop the value for the European society and economy
  • Chapter 4: New rules, funding and governance” for a thriving drone services ecosystem

The paper also includes three annexes: the GUTMA 2.0 Mission Statement, a detailed visual displaying the fundamental differences between Air Traffic Management (ATM) and Uncrewed Traffic Management (UTM) and the Timeline of Drone legislations around the world. 

You can download the position paper here.